Friday, May 20, 2011

I'm Just Not That Into You

Dear Blog,
I am writing to you only out of love but the truth must be told. Im just not that into you. I wish our time together was more enjoyable but sadly it is not. Although I lothe you... I will NOT quit on you. For better or worse, til death do us part. Just so you know, I am only in it for the children. I can only hope and pray that we can mend our relationship but I am just not happy with you.


It is true! I get nauseated when I think about this darn blog! But in some sick and torturous way... It somehow helps. Honesty. I can be honest and I can be real. I just hate be vulnerable and weak and that is just how this blog makes me feel. Ugh! I spit on you, blog! OK now let's hug and make up.

Enough of that... It's been a crazy (normal) week! Appointments or school stuff ALL week and the dryer broke then the fridge quit cooling. At one point yesterday the repair man was here and I stepped outside screamed to the top of my lungs, pulled a few chunkes of hair out then returned feeling much better. Be honest, you've been there too!

On a happy thought! Abram was accepted into Hand in Hand Early Learning Center! Not sure how we will pay for it (it's almost as much as our mortgage every month) so I applied for a scholarship. Special kids are especially expensive! But this school is THE best for kids with special needs. They also have typical kids as well, which I'm all about some inclusion. He will love it! I am so glad that Abram does SO well in a classroom setting, he thrives in it!

Well, I must wrap up since I have 3 minutes until the kiddos get up. Now let's hope the new milk in the fridge is cold instead of warm like yesterday morning.


tarynddavidson said...

i love your attitude :)
reminds me of myself .. haha
blogs are so hard to do and keep up with... yet, so freeing

AWESOME for Abram!!!!
jehovah jireh will provide!

~Crystal~ said...

I am a huge blog advocate. They are very freeing, but can be daunting at the same time. One thing I think is amazing about them is being able to look back & see how far you have come. Keep it up!