Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Road to Rhizotomy

What is Rhizotomy?
A rhizotomy is a neurosurgical procedure that selectively severs problematic nerve roots in the spinal cord, most often to relieve the symptoms of neuromuscular conditions such as spastic diplegia and other forms of spastic cerebral palsy. ...
Yeppers!  This is the path we are on!  A long, bumpy, scary and faith-building path.  It began in February, at Spasticity Clinic with several doctors and therapists.  We were (in a nut shell) told that if Abram didn't have Rhizotomy (scheduled for November 7th) that he wouldn't walk.  Now you might be thinking, "but he has a walker and i have seen him walk?!"  Well, yes he does walk just not very good, and the likelihood of him struggling to walk everyday on his own is not promising.  He would probably end up just using a wheelchair.  Abram is entirely TOO bright to be stuck in a wheel chair.  He thinks, acts and talks like a 3 year old!  It's just his body that doesn't work like typical kids. 
SO, our prayers for this year are 1) God will return before November 7th or 2) We would just wake up one morning and Abram is completely healed!!!  BUT, if neither of those happen God will still get all the glory!  And the Bible says that in the twinkling of an eye we will all be whole!  What a great sight it will be, to see Abram RUNNING into his Saviors arms!  I hold tightly to this promise, some days it is what gets me through.  We have a great God  , who has taken care of us this far and I am sure he will be holding my sweet angel on November 7th as doctors open up his spine and sever nerves permanently.
Our Prayer needs for "before Surgery" are:
-Abram would consistently get physically stronger.
-Abram's MRI would be fine for surgery.
-Abram's hips would not get any tighter (we are working on this).
-Abram will stand longer and walk faster.
-That United HealthCare would approve Abram to have more than just 20 PT visits a year.

Our Prayer needs for "after surgery" are:
- His Mother wont lose it! HA!
-Abram will heal quickly
-Abram will respond to Physical Therapy wonderfully!  (which will be twice a day for several weeks!!!)