Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Waiting Year

After pondering and reflecting over the last year, I have entitled 2011 "the waiting year". Here is why...
January 2011- We toss around the idea of doing CI (constraint induced) Therapy for Abram. Had his left hand fitted for a removable cast that he would wear 23 hours a day. Waited for the right time to begin.
We missed spring ball sign up for Asher :( so we had to wait until fall ball.
February 2011- We went to a Spasticity clinic at Children's. Found out that Abram needed surgery. Waited a month before I got the nerve to call and set up a date.
March 2011- Asher is regressing in his learning at school. He is STRUGGLING.

I never finished this post, it's still not finished.  Never really wanted to.  I'll post for the heck of it.