Thursday, June 2, 2011

the Happenings

 Asher got new glasses, GREAT!  He is not real sure how he feels about them yet.  We have tried our best to keep it possitive and not say things like "sorry buddy you have to wear glasses for the REST OF YOUR LIFE!"  He keeps trying to find ways not to have them on, and has asked "do i have to wear them...
- while I am swimming?
- when i wrestle Daddy?
- in the car?
- while watching tv?
- when i sleep?
- and so on and so on...

This was graduation weekend.  Asher graduated from kindergarten on Friday and Abram graduated from The Bell Center on Sunday.  It was a very busy weekend!  Asher did great and looked adorable too!  Abram's graduation was the sweetest thing in the world!  At first, I thought whats the point?  He is turning 3 and leaving the program but now i get it.  The therapist, teachers and students devote SO much time and effort that they deserve a graduation.  The video below is Abram walking to get his diploma, get your tissues cause its a tear jerker!  Well, it was for us at least.  

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