Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Funeral Arrangements

Ha! If your reading this you might be wondering "who died?". Well, no one yet. Call me morbid but as I was trying sleep last night all I could think about was what would my funeral be like. I have always known that I wanted my funeral to different from a traditional funeral.
First and most importantly there will be NO open casket, if any casket at all. If it's possible all of my organs will be donated, EVERYTHING even my skin! I won't need any of it anyway. Aren't we promised a new body??? Heck Yes! I do want, lovely pictures of me and my family all around.
Second, no one is wearing black! Don't get me wrong, I love the color black. Its slimming! But not at my funeral, only bright colors! Everyone is to wear their favorite color.
Third, no crying people! I don't want sob stories, only fun stories of my past. I'm sure Doug can come up with something funny, he's so witty.
Fourth, Instead of a grave site afterwards I would prefer a reception. One with a chocolate fountain and fresh stawberries and bananas to dip into. With all of my favorite foods! We might need to get this catered.
Fithe, I want people to bring there kids with them. I also want every child to leave with a balloon and a goodie bag. And the balloons should be primary colors. There my favorite.

SO... That's about it!