Friday, February 11, 2011

Used Therapy

since yesterday was a little intense (and by a little i mean a LOT)  i thought today would be a good day for some retail therapy!  (and when i say retail, i really mean consigned/used, YEAH that's right Duggar style!)  so i met Brandy and Maddie  at a Whale of a Sale to dig around.  we found several good items, but most importantly Maddie found a pink tutu to add to her collection.  Abram found a "special prize" since he didn't get one yesterday, and Asa found a jar of toy cookies that you count.  i cant wait to hit up a few more consignment sales before spring hits!  then we hit up Costco and Chickfila and by the time i got home Abram had a nice poopy all over his lower half.  Now they are all sleeping and hopefully Doug and i will get to watch the social network.


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