Thursday, February 17, 2011

it's all good in the hood...

this has to be a quick blog but at least its something!  "it's all good in the hood" came from an ET shirt that asher has, it cracks me up EVERY TIME he wears it!  things have been ca-ray-zzy since i last blogged.  when i looked at this weeks calendar i really thought "good, a down week", boy was i wrong! 
so, today when we got back from the bell center i put the boys down for their nap and i thought i would get outside and walk/run a bit.  it felt great!  the feeling of being FREE, no diapers, no mess, no laundry!  as i searched for just the right music on my ipod, i chose hillsong united -to the ends of the earth.  track 3 - FREE- came on, and it was so fitting.  it says,
"would you believe me if i said that God can make miracles happen today?" "would you believe me if i said that you don't have to wait for the answers before you step out in faith?" " would you believe me if i said nothing is ever impossible for God?" 
i have heard this song a million times but today was different.  today it wasn't just a song, it was from God himself.  He was right beside me, listening to all my fears and doubts.  even though we might have to make some very hard decisions, HE will be with us.  it's all good in the hood.... for now  

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lindsey lowe said...

i just pulled up your blog and ryan said "little dougie in the middle there" hahah. made me laugh. miss ya'll!