Saturday, February 12, 2011

fix wheels

since Doug was out of town today the boys and i stayed home and just hung out.  we had several visitors stop by like Momers, Paul and even Pappa came over for a little bit.  the kids LOVED it and they kept us laughing the whole day!
so, i posted this picture of Abram in his walker so you could get a visual.  that is not actually his walker but it is very similar to the one he has now.  if you don't know already Abram has cerebral palsy and needs a walker and AFO's (ankle and foot orthotics) to walk.  we have to start upping the amount of time in his walker, so today we walked for about an hour total.  i also took the wheel lock off so now his wheels swivel.  when Abram is in the walker i normally have to find some sort of motivation to get him to walk.  tonight, Elmo had crashed in the hallway and needed rescuing and he was on it, until getting sidetracked and saying over and over "momma fix wheels stuck."  even though he has such a hard time walking, crawling, eating and talking he still has a smile on his face.  for a kid who should be mad!  he isn't.  he amazes me daily with new words like "that's better", which he told Dr. Law on Thursday after Dr. Law removed his AFO's.  life just isn't fair but this is what we were given and in the end GOD will get ALL the glory.


Lori said...

OK... one I love that story!!!! All your kids are adorable! Second, thanks for doing without Doug so he could come help me out. Last, do I get to babysit or take the boys (prob. mainly Asher since the other might still be too young) on Aunt Lori/ nephew dates? :-)

~Crystal~ said...

What an inspiration!