Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I love this picture! And I love this beautiful smile. Things have been going good most days. We have many bad days but most of them good. He still cries alot but it has gotten better. I have noticed that he sleeps good on his tummy, but only for his naps! He has PT this week again and im not looking forward to it. They say his neck is a little tight on the right and his right hand is tight. UGG! I think i am the one who has the hardest time with it! Everyone else is so possitive!


Nicole said...

I haven't been to Walmart since May... I buy all my cleaning, laundry and toiletries at CVS and I pay almost nothing for them. I buy a sunday paper and clip ALL the coupons. I also visit a website called www.iheartcvs.com that has CVS coupons. This site is a good place for you to start... she has a CVS for newbies link. Try it! BUT DON'T GO TO THE CVS IN ALABASTER!!!!! HE'S RUDE! AND HATES COUPONS!

~Crystal~ said...

Hey girl!
I didn't know you were blogging! I always love the pictures you post on myspace. That's how I've been keeping up with you, but blogging is way better. I've been a blogger for over 4 years. Such beautiful boys you have.
There are also a few other "frugal" sites, that I have listed on my sidebar of my blog, that may help you also with CVS. But iheartcvs.com, is the best place to start.